ProDrill® Velocity™ Series Composite Plugs

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Forum’s ProDrill® Velocity™ ultra-compact, fast-drillout composite frac plug is critical when completing plug-and-perf operations. When compared to traditional composite plugs, the ProDrill Velocity plug helps reduce millout times by up to 65%. It also decreases the debris size and amount of material (50% reduction in length and weight of material) that is circulated out of the hole.

The set-from-bottom, compression-set design plug mitigates risk during drillout, while decreasing time on location and costs to complete unconventional wells. The wireline adapter kit (WLAK) tension mandrel also reduces stresses on critical components of the plug during run in. Once set, this design keeps the plug in the set position during and after fracturing operations.

The simple, one-slip solution is unique in that the components do not slide on a stationary mandrel like typical composite plugs. This allows the reduced-length, fully optimized composite plug to shorten when set and mitigate spinning components during drillout.

Slip Options - Click to See the Velocity LSG

  • Cast-iron slip, with hollowed segments hardened to only wicker depth
  • Magnesium alloy slip, with ceramic buttons, offers an easily drillable low-specific gravity (LSG) option of 1.6


  • Lowers costs and time to complete
  • Minimizes risk and drillout time
  • Decreases time and water consumption
  • Mitigates risk


  • One-slip design, with two optimized options
  • Compression-set design
  • Bottom-set, anti-preset configuration
  • Recessed ball seat
  • Short 13.75-in. configuration that shortens in the set position