HS Tubing Anchor Catcher

The T353 HS Hydraulic-Set Tubing Anchor Catcher is a retrievable anchor catcher designed to hold the tubing in tension or compression. The hydraulic-set anchor does not require tubing manipulation to set or retrieve. Pressure is applied to a temporary plug below the anchor to set the anchor. After setting, bi-directional slips anchor the tubing to the casing preventing upward or downward movement of the tubing. The HS Anchor Catcher is released by straight pull to shear the releasing shear screws.

Features and Benefits

  • No tubing manipulation required to set or release.
  • Bi-directional slips anchor the tubing to prevent tubing movement.
  • Straight pull shear release.
  • Holds in tension or compression.
  • Premium threads available on request.
  • Premium material and or coatings available on request.