Type 10-20 Hydraulic Setting Tool T190

The Type 10-20 Hydraulic Setting Tool is designed to be run on drill pipe, tubing, endless tubing or other handling equipment that can transmit pressure to the setting tool for the purpose of setting bridge plugs, cement retainers, production packers and service plugs or packers normally set by wireline. It is especially applicable to setting plugs or packers in deviated wells or locations where a wireline unit is not available or practical.

Optional By-pass
A large integral by-pass allows the setting tool to be run with fluid entering the running
string establishing circulation prior to the setting operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Run on drill pipe, tubing or endless tubing
  • By-pass may be run open or closed
  • Pressure stages may be added or removed depending on setting pressure generated
  • Running string may be drained or closed after setting