TSW Bridge Plug

The T727 TSW Bridge Plug is a high pressure retrievable bridge plug suitable for use in selective treating and testing of multiple zones. It is typically set mechanically on tubing or drillpipe but can be supplied in an electric line set version for special applications. The design includes a large internal by-pass area, to prevent swabbing while running or retrieving. The by-pass closes off during the setting process and re-opens during the retrieving process prior to the upper slips releasing so as to equalize pressure across the plug before it unsets. It can be set in tension making it ideal for use in boh shallow applications, such as testing wellheads, and in deep set operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for use at any depth.
  • Standard tool is set and released by a 1/4 turn to the right and pipe reciprocation.
  • Other J-slot configurations are available.
  • Large by-pass area to prevent swabbing.
  • The pressure across the tool is equalized before unsetting.
  • Available in electric line set version.
  • An emergency shear release mechanism is part of the design.