TNT Packer

The T688 TNT Packer is a high-pressure / high-temperature compression set packer with hydraulic hold-down designed to provide an extra measure of dependability for rugged service conditions. The hydraulically actuated upper slips provide an increased surface area to ensure the packer will not move up the hole. The packer has no integral by-pass but rather is run with a separate positive lock unloading valve to prevent the possibility of pumping open which could occur with a balanced equalizing valve.

Features and Benefits

  • Long top and bottom subs to allow hydraulic tong make-up and break-out.
  • All o-rings have back-up rings to provide reliable sealing in high temperature and pressure.
  • Full opening I.D.
  • Heavy duty packing elements for HP/HT conditions.
  • Extra large contact area on upper slips.
  • Available in EUE and IF connections.