Super X™ Retrievable Bridge and Frac Plug

The T738 Super X™ Retrievable Bridge & Frac Plug is designed for use in multi-zone stimulations where fracing down the casing is desired. It is typically set on electric line using industry standard setting tools, but can also be deployed on coiled or jointed tubing using a hydraulic setting tool. The plug is retrieved using a pulling tool run on tubing and multiple quantities can be pulled in a single trip provided each plug is installed with a retrieving tool below it. The plug can be supplied with a puncture disk, drop ball or trapped ball, facilitating equalization and multiple plug retrieval. Patent Pending
U.S. Patent # 6,942,039 & # 7,082,991.

Features and Benefits

  • Normally electric wireline set using industry standard setting tools.
  • Capable of pump down with perforating guns.
  • May also be deployed on jointed or coiled tubing using a hydraulic setting tool.
  • Design allows multiple plugs to be retrieved in one run.
  • The top element design keeps critical components clear of debris.
  • Incorporates an internal bypass system during release.
  • Unique external design allows for quick wireline trip time.
  • Retrieved on tubing using a pulling tool which engages automatically on external
  • retrieving threads with set down weight.
  • 10,000-psi pressure rating from above and below.
  • A patented heal-notch slip spring provides for slip stability.