Stingray Yo-Yo Packer

The T409 Stingray Yo-Yo Production Packer is a service grade tension or compression set packer run on jointed or coil tubing. The Yo-Yo J-track is configured to eliminate 360 degree rotation while setting and unsetting the packer. This reduces the torque in the mandrel and drag block body allowing the J-pin to travel around the track easily. The Stingray uses the same proven three element style system used on other FORUM Energy Technologies service tools.
In the event the packer cannot be released by normal operation, the Stingray has a built in shear release system that can be used by pulling a pre-determined amount on the tubing string. Unlike most yo-yo style packers on the market, the Stingray can be removed from the well if the J-pin is accidentally sheared. With an integral pick-up release system, the tool will release by shearing the shear sleeve and pulling the mandrel upward. The mandrel will catch the drag block/slip housing, allowing the tool to be removed from the well bore.

Features and Benefits

  • Used with jointed or coil tubing
  • Three element system for better sealing
  • Built in adjustable shear release
  • May be run in tension set or compression set
  • No tubing manipulation required
  • May be run in tension or compression