Selective Treating Assembly

The T461 Selective Treating Assembly is a cup type tool assembly designed to allow selective acidizing of predetermined perforated intervals. The S.T.A. can be assembled to isolate intervals from 12 inches up to any length by the addition of standard tubing pup joints. A large built in annular bypass makes the S.T.A. easy to run and retrieve. A rotationally opened and closed circulation valve is run above the S.T.A. to allow the spotting treating fluids prior to treatment and the draining of fluids when pulling out of the wellbore. The retrievable standing valve (used on 5.500" and larger) is used to blank off the lower portion below the stimulation ports.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be dressed to straddle any length of perforation interval.
  • Large by-pass allows ease of running and retrieving.
  • Use of a rotational circulation valve above it allow fluid spotting when treating
  • and draining when retrieving.
  • Standard materials are used but special material is available on request.