SC Unloader

The T525 SC Tension Unloader is usually run above the T621 32A Tension Set Service Packer to equalize tubing and annulus pressure differentials and facilitate the packer being unset and either relocated or retrieved. It is run and retrieved with the latching collet in the open position to allow fluid through the packer mandrel and minimize flow around the elements reducing swabbing. When tension is applied to set the packer this also closes the unloader and the collet latches in place and remains there until sufficient compressive forces are applied. The tool is full open matching the packer I.D.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged heavy duty collet allows repeated use.
  • Large by-pass area.
  • Simple operation-tension to close, compression to open.
  • Full bore I.D. matching the tension packer.
  • Remains open when running or retrieving thus minimizing swabbing tendencies.