Model G Hydraulic Setting Tool

The T1060 Model G Hydraulic Setting Tool is designed for use in setting permanent or retrievable type seal bore production packers on pipe using a standard wireline adapter kit. It can be used with any wireline adapter kit, which is compatible with a standard size #20 E-4 type electric line setting tool, to set packers size 6-5/8" and larger. It has a 1.75" bore allowing circulation while running in the well and is operated by circulating a 1" setting ball to a 0.808" ID seat at the bottom of the tool and applying pressure from surface. Once the packer has been set, overpressure shears out the ball and seat and opens a drain port so that circulation or draining can occur while pulling out.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be used to set any seal bore packer, permanent or retrievable.
  • Compatible with standard wireline adapter kits.
  • Provides the ability to circulate at any time while running in.
  • Dual setting chambers each with an area of 10.652sq. in. providing high setting
  • force capabilities.
  • When activated and released from the packer, ports are opened in the tool to allow
  • fluid circulation or drainage.
  • Top connection is 2-3/8" EU Box.
  • Minimum ID 1.75" through the tool and 0.808" through the ball seat.