HST Adapter Kit

The T191 HST Adapter Kit is designed to run the T670 Perma-Pack on the T190 HST setting tool. A setting ball is dropped to seat in the adapter kit, the packer is set using hydraulic pressure. Rotate the tubing to the right 10-15 rounds at the packer to release the setting tool and adapter kit from the packer. The packer may be tested from above down the annulus before the adapter is released from the packer.

Features and Benefits

  • Fluid may be circulated through the packer before setting.
  • Packer may be tested after setting to ensure packer is set before releasing from the packer.
  • Tubing run allows for more tailpipe to be run below the packer.
  • Rotation required to release from packer.
  • May be run in horizontal or deviated wellbores.