HD Compression Packer

The T613 HD is a heavy duty compression set retrievable packer, designed for general purpose service work, providing the ability to hold high differential pressures from above or below. It is set by a quarter turn at the packer followed by set down weight and the hydraulically operated upper hold-down buttons anchor the packer when it is subject to high differential pressures from below. The HD packer may be run with a mechanical set bridge plug for straddling intervals and can perform multiple procedures in a single run. The packer’s internal unloader allows circulation below the hold-down buttons making it easier to retrieve. The internal bypass also provides for circulation around the tool thereby allowing faster trip time with less tendency of swabbing.

Features and Benefits

  • Tubing connections are standard on the full-bore mandrel.
  • Pressure-balanced mandrel hold-downs counteract pressure from below.
  • Set by a quarter turn at the packer and released by picking up.
  • Can be dressed with carbide slips and hold down buttons for long life.
  • The large-diameter hold-down buttons reduce casing damage.