FCV Fluid Control Valve

The T470 Fluid Control Valve is an adjustable spring actuated valve designed to keep hydrostatic pressure off the formation. The FCV prevents the loss of treating fluids when making tubing connections to move up or down the hole, allowing the operator to spot specific amounts of treating fluid to each zone. When treating, application of tubing pressure overcomes the set opening pressure allowing the valve to move down off seat allowing treating fluid to be pumped into the formation. Cessation of treatment allows the valve to close so the treating fluid remains in the tubing string. This feature allows the FCV to be run above or below a packer, straddle packer assembly or directly above a spiral washer.

A ball actuated shear sleeve sub is run above the FCV. A ball is dropped to the ball seat after completion of the treatments and pressure is then applied to shear the sleeve allowing the tubing and casing fluids to equalize.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows precise treatment of multiple zones in a single run.
  • Small O.D. for use in casing as small as 4.500".
  • Opening pressure is adjustable from 1,000-psi to 9,000-psi before running.
  • Injection rates up to three barrels per minute can be accommodated.
  • Treating fluids remain in the tubing after passing through the valve.