32A Tension Set Packer

The T621 32A Tension Set Service Packer is a versatile tool, set by a 1/3 turn at the packer with applied tension and released by compression. When set it holds pressure differential both from above and below. Its’ rugged design facilitates multiple set/unset/reset cycles to be performed on a single trip and it can be used for a variety of operations such as squeeze cementing, simulation, straddle operations in combination with a retrievable bridge plug etc. The full bore design avoids restrictions and allows access for thru tubing tools. It has a left-hand thread emergency release system activated by right-hand rotation which allows the cone to move and the slips can fully retract.

Features and Benefits

  • Set by tension, released by compression.
  • Bidirectional slips allow it to hold pressure from above or below.
  • Rugged heavy duty construction allows multiple setting cycles in a single trip.
  • Emergency safety joint release allows circulation above the slips.
  • Available in left or right hand set.
  • Full opening design.
  • Available with premium elastomers and construction material upon special order.