Seal Bore Packer Accessories

Concentric Bottom
The Concentric Bottom is used as the bottom sub of the packer to back up the lower slips and allow the use of a seal bore extension below. This enables a continuous concentric seal bore of the required length between the packer and seal bore extension.

Plain Bottom
The Plain Bottom is used on the bottom of the packer to back-up the lower slips and is configured with a tapered I.D. to act as a guide for wireline tools run below the packer to re-enter the pack bore from below. The plain bottom may also be run on the bottom of the seal bore extensions run below the packer.

Tubing Adapter Bottom Sub
The tubing adapter Bottom Sub is used on the bottom of the packer to back-up the lower slips and as a crossover for running tailpipe below the packer. The Non-Sealing Extension (Millout Extension) may also be made up below it as required.

Seal Bore Extension
The Seal Bore Extension is run below the concentric bottom sub for use in applications where floating seals are needed to allow for tubing expansion and contraction. The Seal Bore Extensions have the same I.D. as the packer to provide a continuous seal bore and are available in various lengths to match seal bore length to well requirements.

Concentric Coupling
The Concentric Coupling is used to connect seal bore extensions together allowing additional seal bore length to be added below the packer as required.

Seal Bore Extension Bottom
The Seal Bore Extension Bottom is used below the seal bore extension as a crossover to tubing

Non-Sealing Extension
The Non-Sealing Extension, commonly referred to as a millout extension, is used to provide a larger I.D. below the packer or seal bore extension to accept a packer milling tool and facilitate milling and recovery of the permanent packer in a single trip

Non-Sealing Extension Bottom
The Non-Sealing Extension Bottom is used to run a non-sealing extension directly below the packer or below a seal bore extension. It may also be used to crossover to tubing below the non-sealing extension.

Knock Out Plug Assembly
The Knock Out Plug Assembly is used as a temporary plug below the packer. The plug is ejected with a production tube engineered specifically to knock out the plug as the seals are landed in the seal bore. NOTE: Failure to use a production tub designed specifically for the knock out plug may prevent removal of the plug.

Flapper Valve
The Flapper Valves is a spring loaded back pressure valve that holds pressure from below only. The valve is opened when the production string is stung into the packer and closes automatically when the string is removed from the seal bore.

Wireline Guide
The Wireline Guide is used to facilitate re-entry of wireline tools run below the packer. The wireline guide is available with threads to allow it to be run below the packer; seal bore extension or tailpipe as needed.

Expendable Seat Sub
The Expendable Seat Sub is used to temporarily plug the production string with the use of a setting ball. The well may be circulated until the ball is dropped to seat in the expendable seat sub. Pressure is applied to the tubing string shearing the shear screws and releasing the expendable seat. NOTE: The expendable seat will drop to the bottom of the well bore when released. The expendable seat sub should not be run above any other production tools.