Scorpion Packer

The T1125 Scorpion Packer is a permanent wireline set production packer with threaded top and bottom connections of choice. It is designed to be run in conjunction with a T512 T-2 On/Off overshot and T510 T-2 On/Off stinger to simplify and speed up well completion. The packer and stinger are made up together and run and set on electric wireline using a standard wireline adapter kit, the tubing and overshot are then run, spaced out and landed using standard techniques.

Features and Benefits

  • Setting on electric wireline, using the combination of a power charge and a pressure setting assembly, enables the packer to be accurately located in the well by correlation with well logs.
  • Allows placement of the packer in a much shorter time than tubular conveyed methods.
  • Simple and fast installation process.
  • Releasing the tubing from the packer requires only a ¼ turn at the packer.
  • The seals are retained in the overshot rather than exposed as in standard seal assemblies.
  • Available in sizes 4-1/2" thru 7"
  • Available for standard service with Nitrile packing elements.
  • Available for sour service with an Aflas Ecner array packing element.
  • Stinger can be supplied with a variety of profiles for landing plugs etc.
  • Full circle slips allow for fast run in time.