JL Perma-Pack Seal Bore Packer

The T671 Perma-Pack Permanent Seal bore Production Packer is a versatile tool that can be used for single or multiple zone completions. The Perma-Pack is ideally suited for wells where high pressure, temperature and corrosive fluids are anticipated. The packer is available in a variety of elastomer and seal bore materials to meet the most hostile downhole environments. The Perma-Pack is recommended for injection, stimulation, testing or plugging by latching a equalizing packer plug into the top connection. The Perma-Pack is available with a complete line of tubing seal accessories and elastomers.

Features and Benefits

  • Electric line set or hydraulic set
  • Components keyed for milling
  • Anti-extrusion rings expand to casing I.D. to prevent rubber extrusion
  • Designed to accommodate competitive seal bore accessories.
  • Full circle slip allow for fast run time