Hydro Perma-Pak

The T674 Hydro Perma-Pak is a hydraulic-set dual bore permanent packer set by applied hydraulic pressure against a temporary plugging device set below the packer. The Hydro Perma-Pak has a large upper seal bore allowing the use of an anchor latch to create the largest possible I.D. through the packer and seals for completions requiring large tubing sizes. It can be converted to a temporary bridge plug with the addition of a knockout, pump out or threaded plug for temporary lower zone isolation-this plug can be used to apply the setting pressure.

Features and Benefits

  • Hydraulic-set, by tubing pressure applied to a temporary plug set below the packer.
  • No rotation is required to set.
  • The anti-extrusion back-up rings expand to full casing I.D. to provide positive retention
  • of the packing element.
  • A larger diameter upper seal bore accepts an anchor seal assembly to maximize thru bore.
  • Packing element options are available for high temperatures and H2S/CO2 applications.
  • Seal materials such as Kalrez, Aflas, Viton, Teflon, Ryton, HNBR and Nitrile are available.