SnapSet III Packer

The T637 SnapSet III is a compression set single string isolation packer. It is typically run in a zonal isolation completion, in tandem with a upper packer such as a SnapSet II and located into an anchor packer, such as the Perma-Pack allowing compression setting. It is equipped with a collet which shifts at a predetermined compression value to prevent premature setting during run in. Once the collet shifts the slips engage the casing, the packing elements are packed-off. The continued downward movement of the tubing will set the SnapSet II upper packer. The packer is released by straight pick up on the tubing, opening the by-pass and releasing the lower slips.

Features and Benefits

  • The body is keyed to allow rotation through the packer if needed.
  • Three element packing system.
  • Internal collet to prevent premature setting.
  • No rotation required to set or release.
  • Premium threads available on request.
  • Premium material and or coating available on request.