SnapSet II Compression Isolation Packer

The T636 SnapSet II is a compression set single string isolation packer. The SnapSet II is used where high-differential pressures above the packer are not expected. It is typically run in a zonal isolation completion, in tandem with a lower anchor packer, such as the T600 ASI-X allowing compression setting. It is equipped with a collet which shifts at a predetermined compression value to prevent premature setting during run in. Once the collet shifts the packing elements are engaged and the hold down slips are activated and set. It is released by straight pick up on the tubing, opening the by-pass and releasing the upper slips.

Features and Benefits

  • The hold down system incorporates a compensating piston.
  • The large by-pass area facilitates run in and counteracts any tendency to swabbing when retrieving.
  • The equalizing system allows the packing element to relax before retrieval.
  • The body is keyed to allow rotation through the packer if needed.
  • Three element packing system.
  • Internal collet to prevent premature setting.
  • Sequential slip release system.
  • Can be run with the T-2 On-Off Tool to allow tubing retrieval.
  • Premium thread connection available upon request.