S-1 Tandem Tension Packer

The T437 S-1 Tandem Tension Packer is an economical, compact isolation packer. It can be used to isolate casing holes or perforations as well as for multi-zone completions. It is used as the upper packer or packers with a tension packer such as the ASI-X or SL Shear Packer used as the lower packer.
The S-I packer can be run with the setting mechanism in two different configurations:
When run in the un-jayed position, applied tension will shear the shear screws and pack-off the packer.
When run in the jayed position, the S-I packer must be used above a double-grip packer such as the ASI-X. Set down weight is then applied to shear the shear screws and the packer is rotated to the left and tension applied to set and pack-off the packing element.

Features and Benefits

  • Full bore design.
  • Simple, economical packer for zone isolation.
  • Built in unloader
  • Standard design is left-hand set.
  • Available in right-hand set.
  • Can be run in jayed or unjayed position.