M-2 Shear Tension Packer

The T456 M-2 Shear Tension Packer is a drag block actuated device, which can be used in water injection, testing and pumping applications. Unlike other drag block tension type packers, the M-2 incorporates an external, rather than an internal, J–slot. This makes the packer extremely durable since the mandrel cross section can be maximized for optimum wear capabilities and it will accept torque without damage. The top and bottom connections are interchangeable allowing the packer to be converted to a compression set packer if desired while maintaining the rotational safety release system. The shear release mechanism uses slotted brass shear screws which can be easily accessed for adjustment in the field.

Features and Benefits

  • External J-slot design provides for increased durability.
  • Drag blocks make for extended life.
  • Interchangeable top and bottom connections allow tool to invert (tension or compression).
  • Automatic J-slot provides for easy release.
  • Incorporates both a rotational and a field adjustable shear safety release.
  • Premium threads available on request.