Hydrogrip Hydraulic Set Packer

The T656 Hydrogrip Hydraulic Set Packer is a hydraulic set double grip production packer. It is ideally suited for use in wells where it is desirable to set the packer after the well has been flanged up as well as for deviated holes, gas lift installations and other completions where a mechanical packer is not suitable. All parts are locked to prevent presetting due to pressure build up or debris when running in. It is retrieved by a straight pull shear release. The packer is protected under U.S. Patent # 7,082,991.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for single or multiple packer completions.
  • All components are locked to prevent premature setting during run in.
  • Set by hydraulic pressure from surface against a plug or ball and seat below.
  • Once set the release shear mechanism is unaffected by differential pressures.
  • Released by a straight pull.
  • No tubing manipulation required.
  • Premium threads and materials available upon request.