HS-4 Isolation Packer

The T654 HS-4 Isolation Packer is a hydraulic set, single string tandem packer used in multiple zone well completions. It can be used as the upper packer in a dual zone application or in multiple quantities when more than two zones are to be completed. The HS-4 is set by applying hydraulic pressure to the tubing against a temporary plug located below to shear the setting screws and pack off the elements. It is released by straight pull which shears the releasing screws allowing the packing elements to relax and equalizing pressure from tubing to annulus.

Features and Benefits

  • Economical design.
  • Easily adjustable set and release shear screws, both field adjustable.
  • Compact length makes it ideal for use in highly deviated wells.
  • Standard three piece nitrile packing elements, premium elements available on request.
  • Flow wet material is AISI 4130-4145, 80 KSI, premium material available on request.
  • End connections EUE 8 Rd, premium threads available on request.