Casing Packer

The T440 Casing Packer is an economical full bore tension or compression packer used for isolating bad areas of casing. The T440 Casing Packer is a versatile tool used for injection, producing & cementing in liner strings. The T440 Casing Packer comes with deep wide wicker slips, single or double element system making this packer ideal for setting in scaly pipe or open hole formations. The T440 Casing Packer is available in either manual or automatic J-slot configurations and is also available with a right hand rotational safety release when run as compression set tool.

Features and Benefits

  • Full bore design
  • Tension or compression set
  • Available with rotational safety release system
  • Available in single or double element design
  • Economical
  • Easily convertible into liner hanger system