ASI-X HP Production Packer

The T603 ASI-X HP Production Packer is a double grip tubing retrievable packer that holds pressure from above and below. The HP version of this ASI-X packer is capable of being set in tension, compression or neutral once set the tubing string can be left in tension, compression or neutral. It is normally set and retrieved using a ¼ turn to the right. It is designed to be run with the standard T-2 On-Off Tool disconnect as the seal assembly and retrieving tool. The release mechanism incorporates an internal by-pass allowing pressure to equalize before the upper slips are released from the casing wall by means of a sequential release system.

Features and Benefits

  • The packer can be set in tension, compression or neutral depending on the application.
  • Standard setting and releasing methods incorporate a ¼ turn to the right at the tool.
  • The internal by-pass equalizes pressure across the packer to reduce any tendency to swabbing.
  • Use of the T-2 disconnect feature eliminates the need for expensive seal assemblies.
  • Available in shear relase design.
  • Standard flow wet parts AISI 4130-4145, 110 KSI.