ASI-X 10K Production Packer

The T600 ASI-X 10K Production Packer is a high pressure double grip retrievable packer. It is normally set and retrieved using a ¼ turn to the right but it can be modified to be run on electric wireline if preferred. It is designed to be run with the standard T-2 On-Off Tool disconnect as the seal assembly and retrieving tool. This configuration uses less equipment and trips than a conventional wireline set seal bore packer and allows it to be used in a variety of applications from production packer to retrievable bridge plug. The release mechanism incorporates an internal by-pass allowing pressure to equalize before the upper slips are released from the casing wall by means of a sequential release system.

Features and Benefits

  • The packer can be set in tension, compression or neutral depending on the application.
  • It can be modified to be run on electric wireline using standard setting tools.
  • It can also be supplied in a shear release configuration if needed.
  • Standard setting and releasing methods incorporate a ¼ turn to the right at the tool.
  • The internal by-pass equalizes pressure across the packer to reduce any tendency to swabbing.
  • Use of the T-2 disconnect feature eliminates the need for expensive seal assemblies.
  • Rated to 10,000psi at 250ºF with elevated temperature capabilities up to 425ºF with choice of
  • appropriate elastomers.
  • T600-55B, T600-54A and T600-56E have been tested to V-3