AS-6 Anchor Packer

The T629 AS-6 Anchor Packer is a single grip compression packer designed for use as the bottom packer in a zonal isolation completion. It is typically used in conjunction with a T-628 AS-5 anchor packer to provide a two packer system, set by compression. This combination in conjunction with a T-2 On/Off Tool allows for zonal isolation while providing the facility to retrieve the tubing if required without disturbing the packers. It is set by applying a quarter turn at the packer and setting down weight and is released by straight pick up. It has an extended seal area which allows tubing movement and/or pressure changes between the packers. It can also be used as a single grip production packer in applications where low differential pressures from below are anticipated.

Features and Benefits

  • Extended stroke seal area maintains a seal in all conditions.
  • Large by-pass area facilitates fast run in and alleviates swabbing when retrieving.
  • Available in right or left hand automatic or manual J-slot configurations.
  • Sets with compression and retrieves with straight pull.
  • Can be used as a single string production packer in suitable conditions.