AS-4 10K Compression Set Packer

The T609 AS-4 Double Grip, Compression Set Packer is used for production, stimulation, TCP and testing. The AS-4 is ideally suited for installations where the packer is run, the well perforated, treated, swabbed and put on production. A large mandrel matching the tubing I.D. gives unrestricted flow and allows the passage of wireline tools and other accessories. An internal by-pass valve reduces the swabbing effect when running or retrieving the packer. Set down weight closes the by-pass valve, sets the upper and lower slips and energizes the packing elements. The by-pass, located near the packing elements allows debris to be washed from the upper slips when the packer is released. The AS-4 also features an upper slip releasing system that reduces the force required to release the packer.

Features and Benefits

  • A compensating piston helps hold the by-pass valve closed.
  • An internal by-pass reduces swabbing effect when running or retrieving.
  • The by-pass valve below the upper slips allows debris to be washed from the slips when it is opened.
  • Standard tool is set with ¼ turn to the right and set down weight.
  • Released by straight pick up.
  • No hydraulic hold-down buttons, reducing possible leak paths.
  • Standard packer is equipped with nitrile packing elements.
  • Can be supplied with HNBR, Fluorel or Aflas packing elements and seals for use in hostile environments.
  • Premium threads available upon request.