AS-3 Single Grip Packer

The T631 AS-3 Single Grip Packer is designed for use in wells where minimal differential from below is anticipated where a hold down device is not needed. It is set by applying a quarter turn to the right at the packer followed by set down weight. The packer is released by straight pick up to open the large by-pass allowing equalization. After equalization, the packing elements release reducing tendency of swabbing when pulling out of wellbore. Full opening design allows unrestricted fluid flow and wireline tool movement through the tubing.

Features and Benefits

  • Set by 1/4 right-hand rotation and set down weight.
  • Large by-pass for ease of running and swabbing prevention when retrieving.
  • Available with optional setting bottom configurations.
  • Straight pick-up to release.
  • Full through bore allows for unrestricted fluid flow and wireline tool access.
  • Premium thread connection available upon request.