Retrievable Packers

Product Literature

Forum Energy Technologies Retrievable Packers covers a wide range of single grip, double grip in both hydraulic set, E-line set and mechanical set versions.

ASI-X Production Packer
ASI-X 10K Production Packer
ASI-X HP Production Packer
AS-II Compression Packer
AS-3 Single Grip Packer
AS-4 10K Compression Set Packer
AS-5 Anchor Packer
AS-6 Anchor Packer
HS-1 Hydraulic Production Packer
HS-II Hydraulic Set Dual String Packer
HS-4 Isolation Packer
Hydrogrip Hydraulic Set Packer
SnapSet II Compression Isolation Packer
SnapSet III Packer
SL Shear Tension Packer
M-2 Shear Tension Packer
C-1 Tandem Tension Packer
S-1 Tandem Tension Packer
Cup Packer
Casing Packer