WXA Circulating Sleeve

The “WXA” Circulating Sleeve provides a convenient way to establish or shut off communication between the tubing and the annulus. Any number of these sleeves may be run in a tubing string, any or all of them may be opened or closed in one run by standard wireline methods.

Features and Benefits

  • Features a nipple profile and a packing bore above and below the communication ports.
  • Ports can be closed without leaving any obstructions in the tubing once the shifting operation is completed.
  • The Model “B” Shifting Tool is used to open {jarring up} or close {jarring down} the “WXA” Circulating Sleeve.
  • EUE Connection Standard, Premium threads available on request.

Material Selection

  • 4140 / L80, 82,000 Yield, Resist Corrosion in Sour Gas Environments.
  • Optional 13% Chrome.