WL Circulating Sleeve

The “WL” Circulating Sleeve provides a convenient way to establish or shut off communication between the tubing and the annulus. It is opened by shifting an inner sleeve either up or down by standard wireline methods.

Features and Benefits

  • Features a nipple profile and a packing bore above and below the communication ports.
  • Ports can be closed without leaving any obstructions in the tubing once the shifting operation is completed.
  • The Model “D” Shifting Tool is used to open {jarring up} or close {jarring down} the “WL” Circulating Sleeve.
  • EUE Connection Standard, Premium threads available on request.

Material Selection

  • 4140 / L80, 82,000 Yield, Resist Corrosion in Sour Gas Environments.
  • Optional 13% Chrome.