Wireline Adapter Kit

The T598 Wireline Adapter Kit is used as the interface between the Patriot, Scorpion or the ASI-XW retrievable packer to enable them to be set in place using standard pressure setting assemblies.

Features and Benefits

  • Setting on electric wireline, using the combination of a power charge and a pressure setting
  • assembly, enables packer to be accurately located in the well by correlating their position with well logs.
  • May be set with industry standard E-Line or Hydraulic Setting Tools.
  • Simple to install with only three major parts – no special tools required.
  • Allows packer placement in a much shorter time than by using tubular conveyed methods.
  • Allows tubing retrieval while leaving the packer and PBR in place.
  • Allows subsequent PBR retrieval with right-hand rotation pulling tool.