WHRN Profile Nipple

The “WHRN” Profile Nipple offers a nipple used in heavy tubing applications. It is a BOTTOM No-Go nipple so care must be taken when determining where to locate this nipple. The nipple offers various inside diameters allowing the well operator to selectively pick the WHRN nipple to meet the well requirements. The blanking plug offers a higher pressure rating than normal weight tubing blanking plugs.

Features and Benefits

  • Landing blanking plugs to shut in well or test production tubing.
  • Land velocity sub surface safety valves.
  • Land bottom hole chokes, check valves, circulating blanking plugs, instrument hangers.
  • Restricted I.D. catches tools lost during wireline work.
  • EUE Connection Standard, Premium threads available on request.

Material Selection

  • 4140 / L80, 82,000 Yield, Resist Corrosion in Sour Gas Environments.
  • 9 Chrome 1 Moly, 80,000 Yield, High resistance to corrosion in Sour Gas Environments.