WF Profile Nipple

The “WF” Profile Nipple is a TOP No-Go nipple that provides for the location of various wireline
flow control devices in the production string.

Features and Benefits

  • Landing blanking plugs to shut in well or test production tubing.
  • Land velocity type safety valves.
  • Landing equalizing check valves.
  • Land circulating blanking plugs.
  • Land chokes to reduce surface flowing pressures.
  • Land instrument hangers with geophysical devices such as pressure and temperature recorders.
  • EUE Connection Standard, Premium threads available on request.

Material Selection

  • 4140 / L80, 82,000 Yield, Resist Corrosion in Sour Gas Environments.
  • 9 Chrome 1 Moly, 80,000 Yield, High resistance to corrosion in Sour Gas Environments.