T-2 On/Off Tool

The T-2 On/Off Tool was designed to disconnect and connect the tubing string from/to a double grip production packer, such as the AS1-X, that does not require tension or compression to maintain a pack-off. It consists of two components, the T510 Stinger and the T512 Overshot and it can be used in treating, fracing, testing and production applications. The Stinger can be supplied with an internal profile of choice to accept a wireline plug and the complete tool is available in a broad range of materials to suit standard or sour service applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully field tested and proven bonded seal system
  • Designed for strength and durability
  • Stinger profile nipple can be supplied as specified by client.
  • Available in metallurgy to suit standard, sour and high temperature applications.
  • Can be supplied shear pinned in the up or down position