The T585 PBR Polished Bore Receptacle is used in a well completion to provide a means of sealing the tubing to the top of the production packer while maintaining maximum ID. It can accept either a latching type or locator seal assembly. It is made up to the top of the packer and provides an upper seal bore to allow tubing retrieval without releasing the packer. The PBR is run with the seal assembly in place. Following tubing retrieval, the PBR can be released from the packer using the pulling tool and right-hand rotation.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with premium thread down.
  • Available in premium materials.
  • Equipped with standard nitrile seals.
  • Premium seals available upon request.
  • Upper Right-hand box thread to allow right-hand rotation to release PBR from the packer.
  • After packer setting and testing the locator seal assembly is released by straight pull on the tubing to shear the screws and allow space out.
  • Can accommodate locator seal assemblies.
  • Available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 foot lengths.
  • Allows tubing retrieval while leaving the packer and PBR in place.
  • Allows subsequent PBR retrieval with right-hand rotation pulling tool.