Product Literature

Forum Energy Technologies has a wide range of packer and tubing accessories that meet and exceed the customer requirements for one stop completion needs.

T-2 On/Off Tool
T-2 On/Off Tool Stinger
T-2 Type "H" On/Off Tool
WX Profile Nipple
WXN Profile Nipple
WF Profile Nipple
WR Profile Nipple
WHR Profile Nipple
WHRN Profile Nipple
WXO Circulating Sleeve
WXD Circulating Sleeve
WXA Circulating Sleeve
WA Circulating Sleeve
WL Circulating Sleeve
RH Rotational Safety Joint
Packer Tubing Accessories
Wireline Adapter Kit
Isolation Jet Sleeve
Expansion Joint
Telescoping Swivel Joint
Downhole Tubing Swivel
Model K Shear Safety