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Each Installation Kit consists of the following three tool boxes:


Air-Driven Hydraulic Pump Kit

(are approximate weight of 36 lbs.)
The air requirement for the hydraulic pump is 20 cubic feet per minute @ 100 psi and the air hammer requires 8 cubic feet per minute @ 100 psi. An air tank of 60 gallons or larger should be used when operating the installation equipment. The air supply hose to the air conditioner box (filter, regulator, lubricator) should be ½” pipe size (5/8” I.D.) or larger. Air hoses from the box to the hydraulic pump and air hammer are 3/8" I.D.

Air Hammer / “C” Clamp Kit

(approximate weight of 34 lbs.)
The “C” clamp is manufactured from 17-4 PH and 316 stainless steel materials. The hydraulic cylinder and piston is manufactured from carbon steel and the hand control from aluminum and brass.

Air Supply Conditioner Kit

(approximate weight 24 lbs.)
Our tool boxes are made from molded structolene, a material selected for its durability, will not rust or corrode and will resist denting and cracking. A convenient hinged door on the side of the tool box allows easy access for pneumatic and hydraulic connections allowing the top of the tool box(es) to remain closed during operation. This feature permits the installation tool kits to be used in environments where drilling fluids, salt water and inclement weather conditions are prevalent.