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Cannon Protection Systems

We offer a full range of associated downhole protection solutions through our Cannon Services brand.  Cannon Services is the world’s leading supplier of protection systems that minimizes the possibility of damage to ESP cables, control lines and production tubing. Introduced in 1986, our protectors were first used to secure and protect control lines and ESP cables during the completion of the well. As the oil and gas industry grew, so did our protector applications to include products for any size ESP cable, bare tube, encapsulated line, intelligent well flat packs, subsea umbilicals and fiber optics and thermocouples configurations.  

We design and manufacture a full range of downhole protection solutions for ESP cables, encapsulated control lines, sub-surface safety valves and permanent downhole gauges, including gauges used in intelligent wells and the steam-assisted gravity drainage wells of heavy oil developments.  We provide both standard and highly customized protection systems, and we supply the full range of alloys for various downhole environments. 

Standard & Customized Protection Systems include:

ESP Cables
Permanent downhole gauges
Encapsulated control lines and flatpacks
Customized gaurds for safety valves
Specialized steam assisted gravity drainage gauge protection systems
Specialized installation tools



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