Well Completion

We offer a full range of associated downhole solutions, and dedicated customer service.  Whether your company is looking for the quality frac plugs or packers to top of the line protection systems, Forum's Well Completions team can help you find the right solutions.


Cannon Services

Protection Systems


Cross Coupling protector


Standard or Custom, Find the Right Solution

  • Protectors “universal” design accommodates more than 95% of tubing tool joints used through the oil and gas industry.
  • Our customer-centric engineering team can partner and provide custom tailored solutions to fit your company’s specific needs.
  • Wide array of standard products provide proven performance in the field.




Composite Frac Plugs and Bridge Plugs


Frac Plugs


Simple Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Express Series Frac Plugs and Bridge Plugs provide exceptional performance in industry standard plug sizes.
  • Compact Series Frac Plugs provide superior performance in a compact platform made entirely of a unique proprietary combination of composite materials.




Completion Products and Service Tools


Completion Packer


Comprehensive Offering. Uncompromising Quality.

  • Retrievable Packers available in a wide range of single and double grip in either hydraulic, e-line set versions.
  • Seal Bore Packers are available in both permanent and retrievable models.
  • Anchor tubing and increase pump efficiency with Forum’s Tubing Anchor Catchers.\Comprehensive offering of packer and tubing accessories and service tools to meet your jobs demands.


Flow Control Products



  • Field Proven
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Comprehensive product offering