Well Completion

We offer a full range of associated downhole solutions, and dedicated customer service.  Whether your company is looking for the quality frac plugs or packers to top of the line protection systems, Forum's Well Completions team can help you find the right solutions. 

Multilift became part of the Forum family in July of 2017. Their SandGuard™ and Cyclone™ completion tools extend the useful life of an electrical submersible pump by protecting it against falling sand and other solids after shutdown.



MultiLift Production Solutions



Innovation and protection to maximize the performance and run-life of your artificial lift equipment.

Discover how our industry leading solutions can protect your cables, prevent hard starts, reduce risk from gas slugs and corresion, and reduce downtime in the field.



Composite Frac Plugs and Bridge Plugs



Simple Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Express Series Frac Plugs and Bridge Plugs provide exceptional performance in industry standard plug sizes.
  • Velocity Series Frac Plugs provide superior performance in a compact platform made entirely of a unique proprietary combination of composite materials.