Modular Production Facilities

Modular Production Facilities consist of standardized production equipment installed on modular skids. The equipment is easily interchangeable based on the customers needs and production demands. Each module is pre-assembled and tested in a controlled environment, so once delivered on the well site it took a minimum amount of time to finish assembling the complete production facility.

1. Modular Facility is completely fabricated and tested at a Forum manufacturing facility

In this project, production equipment and piping are mounted on 11 skids, each pre-tested, painted, and internally coated against corrosion at the Elmore City manufacturing facility. These skids can be disassembled, transported and reassembled in just a few days anywhere in the US.

2. Easy to transport

This specific modular facility can be transported to location with just 6 trucks.

3. Installation Efficiency- entire well site install went from 6 months to 3 weeks

FET storage tanks are first delivered and installed on the prepared well site, and the rest of the modular facility follows. The whole installation process takes 3 weeks, which is a considerable reduction in time for the customer, from 6 months. The revenue per well stars the moment production starts.

4. Clean Site

The reduction in field installation time results in fewer field contractors which means less activity at the site and less safety exposure for the client.

5. Cost Savings

The modular facility uses standardized production equipment that is interchangeable into modules which saves an enormous amount of time, and therefore money, for the client.