Our History and Brands

Forum Energy Technologies (FET) was formed in the summer of 2010 in a five-way merger among Forum Oilfield Technologies, Triton Group, Subsea Services International, Global Flow Technologies and Allied Technology. Since then we have grown through acquisition and organically.

Today we're going places none of us could have reached alone. We are a global oilfield products company, serving the drilling, subsea, completion, production and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas industry. Our products include highly engineered capital equipment as well as products that are consumed in the drilling, well construction, production and transportation of oil and natural gas.Forum is headquartered in Houston, Texas with manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located around the globe.

Our legacy brands represent some of the best known in the business. The most recognizable include Perry™ and Sub-Atlantic™ (ROVs); B + V Oil Tools, P-Quip, Pipe Wranglers and Vanoil (tubular handling); Dynacon (LARS and winches); and Davis-Lynch, Cannon and Merrimac (downhole products).




Forum is proud to bring together a multitude of well-known, trusted brands in our industry.  Diverse in their product lines, geography and the sector of the energy industry they serve but united by one common element. All are driven by a dedication to providing their customers with the custom solution to their operational challenges.

We are proud of each of our legacy brands. Please click on the names below for product information.