Our HSE Vision and Objective

Forum Energy Technologies is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and preserving the environment in the communities where we do business. One of our core values is Making Health, Safety, and the Environment Personal– We take personal responsibility for our safety and personal ownership of our impact on the environment. Forum strives to continually improve our HSE process to achieve an incident-free workplace.

At Forum we believe that all injuries and accidents are preventable. Every employee is responsible not just for their own safety but for the safety of their co-workers. Our goal is to develop a culture where making safe and environmentally conscious decisions is an everyday behavior for all employees.

Our HSE Principles

  • Value human life above all else and mitigate risks accordingly
  • Comply with all HSE laws and set higher standards for ourselves when unacceptable risks are identified
  • Maximize transparency reporting by accurately measuring and analyzing our performance
  • Do not compromise HSE for the sake of profit or production
  • Become actively engaged in the communities where we do business
  • Promote sustainable development by incorporating social responsibility, environmental renewal, and economic growth in our decision-making process
  • Hold all employees accountable for implementation of our HSE Vision, Objective, and Principles

Global Tubing API and ISO Certifications

Each tubing string undergoes rigorous in-line and final quality testing against both industry standards and Global Tubing’s own quality system to assure the tubing is manufactured to customer requirements. In July of 2014, Global Tubing became recognized as one of two coiled tubing providers in the world to successfully complete the API 5ST Monogram & ISO 9001/API Certification process.