Production Products

Forum offers a range of products for production well control. Forum’s rugged production products stand up to the continuous wear-and-tear of brutal conditions, as well as complementary enhanced oil recovery products. Available in multiple configurations and materials, our production parts meet industry standards by American Petroleum Institute (API), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

BTC Gate Valves

Forum’s BTC gate valves are through conduit, unrestricted flow valves manufactured for waterflood and gas injection operations. They are specifically designed for the corrosive/erosive environments typically associated with enhanced oil recovery operations, as well as standard production flow line applications.

  • One- to six-inch sizes
  • Threaded, ANSI 600-1500 flanged designs
  • ASTM A487 steel, nickel aluminum bronze body/bonnet
  • Gas testing available
  • Field serviceable

Diaphragm-Actuated Gate Valves

Offering pneumatic or mechanical override operation, our diaphragm-actuated gate valves provide an all-in-one solution to minimize your safety system costs. With a durable seal and positive fail-open/fail-close operation, this valve provides long service and simplified maintenance.

  • Bi-directional safety valves
  • Reduced port
  • Pneumatically actuated or optional manual override
  • Threaded or flanged connections
  • API 5000 or ANSI 1500

Enhanced Oil Recovery Products

As existing oil and gas reservoirs mature, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is crucial to pull reserves that conventional extraction methods can’t reach. Forum offers proven EOR products to maximize recovery and extend the positive production of your wells.

Injection Tee

Designed for water or CO2 injection, Forum’s injection tees are designed to work seamlessly with our gravity ball checks and in-line check valves.

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Female National Pipe Thread (FNPT) x external-upset-end (EUE) pin
  • Nickel aluminum bronze or 316 stainless steel (SS)
  • ANSI 600-1500 pressure rating

Y Strainer

Our Y strainers are designed to easily remove working fluid debris during waterflood injections. Installed upstream of flow meters, strainers trap debris in filter screens that can be easily removed via convenient blow-down ports.

  • One- and two-inch sizes
  • FNPT or ANSI 900/1500 flanged
  • Nickel aluminum bronze or 316 SS

Gravity Ball Check

Designed for waterflood injection, Forum’s gravity ball checks stop flow from entering tubing if pressures exceed those of the injection lines. Cap threads are sealed by an O-ring to protect them from flow and corrosion.

  • One- and two-inch sizes
  • Threaded, union or socket-weld connection
  • ANSI 1500 pressure rating
  • Nickel aluminum bronze or 316 SS

O-Ring Union

O-ring unions simplify the construction of injection facilities, and any assembly part can be removed or changed without having to dismantle the entire installation.

  • Multiple sizes available
  • FNPT or socket-weld connection
  • ANSI 1500 pressure rating
  • 316 SS