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Our surface Production Equipment product line provides engineered process systems and field services for capital equipment used at the wellsite and, for production processing, in the U.S. Once a well has been drilled, ompleted and brought on stream, we provide the well operator-producer with the process equipment necessary to make the oil or gas ready for transmission. We engineer, fabricate and install tanks, separators, packaged production systems and American Society of Mechanical Engineers ("ASME") and American Petroleum Institute ("API") coded and non-coded pressure vessels, skidded vessels with gas measurement, modular process plants, header and
manifold skids, process and flow control equipment and separators to help clean and process oil or gas as it travels from the wellhead and along the transmission line to the refinery. Our customers are principally oil and gas operators/producers, and our manufacturing and staging locations are positioned across North America to best serve the key emerging shale and unconventional resource plays.As a process systems specialist, we offer a wide range of oil and gas production equipment and services, including customized design, fabrication and engineering. All of our process equipment is manufactured for both ASME and non-code specifications.