QINSy Survey Data Acquisition & Processing Software

QINSy key technology is based on collection, visualization and storage of large volumes of navigation, depth and other sensor data, producing (almost) final results in real time. The QUINSy “no limits” design criterion, allowing the user in supporting an unlimited number of vessels, sensors, computations and displays.

QUINSy Survey is the heart of the QINSy portfolio and is used for Survey Planning, Data Qcquisition, Processing and Data Cleaning, Add-on modules extend basic package functionality including Multibeam, Side Scan Sonar, Dredging, DGPS QC, S57 ENC Bathymetric update, QLOUD, QOMPOSER


  • Real-time calculation of footprint positions and on-the-fly DTM production
  • Accurate Timing
  • Total Propagated Uncertainty calculation in real-time which can be used for on-line data clipping
  • Multi-layer sounding grid used for on-line visualization
  • Support for Anchor handling & Tug management
  • Advanced Dredging functionality
  • ROV positioning & Monitoring
  • Side Scan Sonar support for targeting and mosaicking
  • Visualization of project using powerful 2D and 3D visualization techniques together with flexible alpha numerical info displays



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