Tritech SeaKing ROV Side Scan Sonar System

The SeaKing ROV/AUV Mounted Sidescan Sonar System is an extremely compact and cost effective high definition sidescan sonar designed for a wide range of seabed survey and inspection duties.

The SeaKing ROV/AUV combines the very latest Tritech DST (Digital Sonar Technology) electronics with industry leading transducer design and digital CHIRP signal processing techniques to dramatically improve range resolution and generate sonar images of unprecedented clarity.

In common with all Tritech sonars, the SeaKing sidescan may be connected to a SeaKing SCU surface control unit, or most PC's. In addition to the display of sidescan data, the system will take position input from GPS. This information is recorded with the sonar data to allow a “fix” of a target. The customer’s own bit map chart may be displayed in a window on the same screen as the sonar data, with an updating sonar position display.


  • 4,000 metre standard depth rating
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Low power and data rates - ideally suited for AUV survey
  • Compatible with SeaKing product family



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