Kongsberg GeoAcoustics 2094 Digital Dual Frequency SSS

Sonar 2094 Digital acquires side scan data at two frequencies 114 kHz and 410 kHz simultaneously. It can be towed to a depth of 1000 m (2000 m optional). The signals are digitised in the towfish and to the transceiver over a single coaxial cable. Data transmission, processing and filtering are fully digital and raw data over-sampling technology results in extended and optimised range and resolution.


  • 114 and 410 kHz simultanous dual frequency operation.
  • Kongsberg EAGeo side scan software included
  • 24bit dynamic range, data acquisition without analog AGC or TVG.
  • 20 MHz raw data sampling with dynamic filtering, extended range performance.
  • Wide bandwith robust digital data transmission.
  • 1000 m depth rated.
  • Deck unit with GPS module



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